Axilesoft Privacy Statement

This is a privacy policy for my windows store apps :

My apps will not access any personal information or data without user’s permission/operation. My apps will not collect/use any personal data or information without user’s permission.

My apps just need to access to the network. Anonymized data about app itself and device (like API version) may be used for statistics or to get service according to the data.

Some of my apps has advertisement component. You can find advertisement component's privacy statement on their official site.




これは私のWindows Storeのアプリのプライバシーポリシーです。



这是我的Windows Store应用的隐私政策:



(Some Non-English text is translated by machine, just see the English text)

Other Information

Some info about WebSite

My website uses Google Analytics for statistics.
私のウェブサイトはGoogle Analyticsを統計に使用しています。
我的网站使用Google Analytics(分析)统计。

Other Hints

Windows Store app has very very strict limitaion, apps can only access files in some strict limited locations (like Music/Videos Libraries, but have to declare capabilities in appxmanifest, they are listed on the store download page, downloading also means user allow them) directly, and they run in sandbox, so they are much safer than desktop applications.


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